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How To Get Stains Out Of Dance Tights

Winter pictures

«Winter Sketch» Зимняя зарисовка . on Foto.Sayte

«Over the Christmas tree!» За ёлкой! on Foto.Sayte
New Year stroll through the woods in search of a Christmas tree ..., -25

«***» *** on Foto.Sayte

Vorobyov (c)
levkonoe [info]

«*** NEW YEAR'S TALE ***» *** НОВОГОДНЯЯ СКАЗКА *** on Foto.Sayte
. 30.12.2009 Siberia, Sayan, Ergaki, winter, Christmas, New Year, Tale, fir, cedar, pine cottage

V. Markov. Solncevorot (c)
levkonoe [info]

«By the evening» К вечеру. on Foto.Sayte

«TWILIGHT ...» СУМЕРЕЧНАЯ... on Foto.Sayte

«On the long shadows elkah snow and sun, the sunset over Lake Geneva »О длинных тенях, заснеженных елках и солнце, заходящем над Женевским озером on Foto.Sayte

« * * * »* * * on Foto.Sayte

« Forthcoming New year! " Скоро Новый год! on Foto.Sayte
What pleases these dressed Christmas tree alive! Do not cut down! Do not expect the dead that are in the town square or in the Kremlin! These Christmas trees are growing near one of the gas stations on Schelkovskoe highway in the direction of Chernogolovka at the intersection with Betonka.

«Happy New Year to you, friends!!!» С Новым Годом Вас, Друзья !!! on Foto.Sayte
North, Yakutia, night, taiga, northern lights

«Dekabr.Sibir.» Декабрь.Сибирь. on Foto.Sayte
. -30. Resurrection.

«Sunny Snow» Солнечный снежок on Foto.Sayte

«FROZEN» FROZEN on Foto.Sayte

«***» *** on Foto.Sayte

«December evening at the Hangar" Декабрьский вечер у Ангары on Foto.Sayte
Taken 20.12.2010 at 16 o'clock in Irkutsk Island Youth at Angara

«Morning at Shegarke» Утро на Шегарке on Foto.Sayte
Kolyvan, Pihtovka, Shegarka, returning from a grouse current

«~» ~ on Foto.Sayte

«WAITING FOR ...» В ОЖИДАНИИ... on Foto.Sayte
Russia, Siberia, Sheregesh, Mountain Shoria

«Winter shop» зимняя лавочка on Foto.Sayte
- At night on a bench to be impossible, and then find the spring! :-) - In principle, only this winter. Snow, 30 km from Frankfurt ...

«frosty morning at Lyon морозное утро под Лионом on Foto.Sayte

«Misty morning winter» Туманное утро зимы on Foto.Sayte

«December's noon» Декабрьский полдень on Foto.Sayte
December, the winter solstice. Not bright sun hardly broke through low clouds

«winter lull» Зимнее затишье on Foto.Sayte

«Winter-6» зима6 on Foto.Sayte

«light, but not warm» Светит, но не греет on Foto.Sayte
. 22.12.2010 frost, fog, sun, the Church of the Resurrection contre. Yesterday it was -38, numb fingers in ice and why I took off my gloves ... Meanwhile, somewhere there was a lunar eclipse.

«Shortest Polar Day ...» Самый короткий полярный день... on Foto.Sayte
21.12.2010. 13:43 local time, 66 parallel ... (Sunrise 10:31, sunset 13:12)

«*» * on Foto.Sayte

«Frosty Morning» Морозное утро . on Foto.Sayte
. Gangway

«Winter is coming ... -3 »Зима идет... -3 on Foto.Sayte
Helsinki, Island, Finland Gulf

«Winter postcard ...» Зимняя открыточная... on Foto.Sayte

«Midday wave» Полуденная волна. on Foto.Sayte
(c) Yuri Frolov . Russia, Novokuznetsk Altai Teletskoye lake Yaylyu

«symbol Yaylyu» Символ Яйлю. on Foto.Sayte
Altai Teletskoye lake Yaylyu, drunk pine

«Apples in the Snow» Яблоки на снегу. on Foto.Sayte
. 02.11.2010 (c) Yuri Frolov Altai Teletskoye lake Yaylyu

«About last winter ...» Про прошлую зиму... on Foto.Sayte
. Sheregesh

«Morning» Утро on Foto.Sayte

«snow» Снег of Foto.Sayte

«Morning ozere» Утро на озере of Foto.Sayte

«Morning ozere-2» Утро на озере-2 of Photo. Website

«Krestyyanin regularly updates »Крестьянин регулярно обновляет on Foto.Sayte
Ekaterinburg, suburb, winter, road, XXI Century

« December evening ... »декабрьский вечер... on Foto.Sayte
. Away from the city, -15

"Forest Fairy Tale ...» Лесная сказка... on Foto.Sayte
. Winter, December and the forest, the taiga evening walk through the snowy woods in search of the Christmas tree ...

«Just Beauty Просто красвицы on Foto.Sayte
. Russia, winter, birch Enchantress winter enchanted, forest stands,
And a snowy fringe,
Still, nemoyu,
queer life, he shines.
And it's worth it, bewitched,
not dead and not alive -
Dream magically enchanted,
All enmeshed in the whole bound in
light chain feather ...

winter sun is
throws at him its beam scythe -
It nothing zatrepeschet,
He is all flash and zableschet
dazzling beauty.

Fyodor Tyutchev

«Birch Sunset» Березовый закат on Foto.Sayte

«Hrupkaya Beauty» Хрупкая  красота of Foto.Sayte

«Snezhnaya plane, Bella moon ...» Снежная равнина, белая луна... of Foto.Sayte
Snezhnaya plane, Bella moon shroud is covered by our side
and birch in white cry on Forests
Who died here? Dead? Oh, Did not I myself?


- Fantastic winter this year! Especially fotopeyzazhistov pampered :-) Nice work! Catchy! - It is hard to disagree with you, Eugene, thank you!

«Rising Moon» Восходящая луна on Foto.Sayte

«Doroga in nikuda» Дорога в никуда of Foto.Sayte

«---» --- of Foto.Sayte

«Les Zimniy» Зимний лес of Foto.Sayte
. Urenyga, Ural Segodnya visited ridge "Urenga" - the longest range of the Chelyabinsk region. begins in the heart of Chrysostom and stretches to the south-west about 70 miles. first photos with a visit to this beautiful mountains and fairytale forests. 19/12/2010 Mr.

«Snow and sun» Снег и солнце on Foto.Sayte
. Urenga, Ural

«In winter» По зиме on Foto.Sayte

«Winter evening in Sviatogorsk »Зимний вечер в Святогорске on Foto.Sayte

« Svyatogorye »Святогорье. on Foto.Sayte

« Kizhi »Кижи on Foto.Sayte
. On board the helicopter

«Kizhi» Кижи on Foto.Sayte

«Wonder Island» Чудо-остров on Foto.Sayte

Taltzy (c)
mchuvilin [info] in photo_beginner [info] - Beauty! Where is it? - it Taltsy between Irkutsk and Lake Baikal, the Angara)) - What are our beautiful villages in Russia ...

V. Markov. Village (c)
levkonoe [info]


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